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Axel a young boy who lives with his uncle
Professor Lidenbrock a famous scientist and geologist
Martha Professor Lidenbrock’s cook
Hans a guide from Iceland
Dr Fridrikson a scientist from Iceland
Arne Saknussemm A famous Icelandic scientist of the 16th century
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Hamburg a city in Germany  
Iceland an island in the North Sea above Europe
Reykjavik the capital city of Iceland
Sneffels an extinct volcano in Iceland
Scartaris a high mountain in Iceland
Copenhagen the capital city of Denmark
Stromboli a small island off the coast of southern Italy
San Vicenzo the largest town on Stromboli
Messina a port on the island of Sicily, Italy
Marseilles a port on the southern coast of France
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active (adj) alive  
admire (v) to think something is very nice to look at  
agree with (v) to have the same opinion as someone else  
air pressure (n) the force caused by air pressing on something  
angle (n) a shape made when two straight lines meet  
approach (v) to come near  
ashes (n) a soft grey powder that is left when something is burned  
atlas (n) a book of maps  
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bite (v) to cut or wound something with the teeth  
blank (adj) flat  
bleak (adj) cold and unattractive  
boiling (adj) very hot (of liquid)  
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calculate (v) to find something out by using numbers  
carve (v) to cut something into a rock or piece of wood  
cast (v) to throw or direct  
cave (n) a hollow place under the ground or in the side of a mountain or rock  
celebration (n) a special meal or party that you have because something good has happened  
cellar (n) a room under the ground in a house especially used for storing things  
chimney (n) a narrow vertical tunnel  
cliff (n) an area of high, steep rock often close to the sea  
cling (v) to hold onto something very tightly  
combination (n) a mixture of separate things mixed together  
compass (n) instrument for finding directions  
consciousness, to lose to faint or fall asleep  
crater (n) round mouth of a volcano  
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depth (n) how deep something is  
descend (v) to go down  
descent (n) the act of going down  
despair (n) a feeling of great sadness and of not being able to hope  
dreadful (adj) very bad or unpleasant  
due to (adj) because of  
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eager (adj) ready and willing  
enjoy oneself (v) to have fun  
erupt (v) to blow up and pour out fire (of a volcano)  
exhausted (adj) very tired  
explore (v) to try to find out about a land no one else has visited  
explosion (n) loud noise caused by things breaking apart  
extinct (adj) dead  
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faint (v) to lose consciousness  
fantastic (adj) very good  
fear (n) the feeling of being afraid  
flock (n) a group of sheep or goats  
fossil (n) the remains of a plant or animal preserved in stone  
fountain (n) water thrown high into the air, for example, from a pipe  
fuse (n) a rope that carries fire to gunpowder in order to start an explosion  
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geologist (n) a scientist who studies rocks and stones  
geology (n) the study of rocks and how they were formed  
geyser (n) a fountain of hot water and steam  
giant (adj) very large  
give up (v) to stop doing something  
glory (n) great fame or success  
gunpowder (n) powder used to make explosions  
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herd (n) a group of animals of the same kind  
hesitate (v) to be unsure and change your mind several times  
hiss (v) to make a sound like a continuous “s”  
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impatiently (adv) not being able to wait calmly for something to happen because you want it to happen now  
initial (n) the first letter of a name  
inlet (n) a narrow channel of the sea between cliffs or steep slopes  
insect (n) a very small creature usually with six legs  
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jet of water (n) a narrow stream of water that comes out of a small hole  
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lava (n) very hot liquid rock that pours out of an erupting volcano  
lick (v) to pass lightly or with quick movements over or against something  
lightning (n) a bright flash of light in the sky, followed by thunder, that happens during a storm  
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magnificent (adj) very good or beautiful  
magnifying glass (n) a curved piece of glass with a handle which makes things appear larger than they really are  
Malaysia (n) a country in south east Asia  
mammoth (n) a large hairy kind of elephant which lived on  
mast (n) a tall length of wood or metal that supports the sails on a ship  
monster (n) a large, strange-looking animal  
mushroom (n) a brown plant with a short stem and a round top which can be eaten  
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parchment (n) paper made of animal skin  
passage (n) a narrow way  
path (n) a track for walking on  
peak (n) the pointed top of a hill or mountain  
persuade (v) to talk with someone or give them reasons until they agree with what you say  
pickaxe (n) a sharp metal tool with a long handle, for making holes in rock or hard ground  
position (n) a place where a person or thing is  
preserved (adj) kept from going bad or being damaged  
prevent (v) to stop something from happening  
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raft (n) a flat boat made from logs of wood  
rags (n) old torn material or clothes  
relieve (v) to make pain or trouble less  
roar (n) a deep, angry noise such as the noise made by a lion  
runes (n) the letters of the old Icelandic alphabet  
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seasick (adj) feeling sick because of the movement of a boat on water  
secret code (n) a way of using letters, numbers, etc. so that other people can’t understand the message  
see off (v) to watch someone start a journey and say goodbye  
set off (v) to start a journey  
shell (n) the hard outside covering of fish, insects or eggs  
shepherd (n) a person who looks after sheep  
shore (n) the flat land beside the sea or a large area of water  
skull (n) the bone which forms the head  
slope (n) a surface which is higher on one side than on the other  
sorrow (n) sadness  
sparkle (v) to shine with bright points of light like a diamond  
splash (n) the sound made by something falling into water  
spring (n) a river coming up from the ground  
stare (v) to look at something for a long time  
starve (v) to die of hunger  
steamer (n) a very large ship  
steel (n) a hard metal made of specially treated iron  
stick out (v) to come out from a surface  
storm (n) a time of strong winds and sometimes thunder and rain  
struggle (v) to fight  
study (n) a room for working in at home  
supplies (n) things you need for daily life  
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thirst (n) the feeling of wanting or needing to drink something  
tide (n) the rise and fall of the sea that happens twice every day  
tremble (v) to shake  
tug (n) a sudden strong pull  
tunnel (n) a passage through a hill or under a river  
tusk (n) a long pointed tooth which grows outside the mouths of some animals  
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umbrella (n) stick with a cloth roof held in the hand to keep the user dry when it rains  
unbearable (adj) to bad or unpleasant to be accepted  
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volcano (n) a mountain with a crater at the top which can erupt at any time unless it is extinct  
voyage (n) a long journey by sea  
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wander (v) to walk slowly without purpose  
warn (v) to tell someone of something bad which might happen  
waterfall (n) a place where water falls over rocks from a high place to a lower place  
well (n) a deep hole from which oil or water is taken  
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