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Future simple with will and going to
Future simple with will
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    Sara: Would you like to drink anything?
    Laila: Yes, I am thirsty. I think I’ll have a soft drink.
    Sara: Oh, sorry I don’t have any soft drinks in the fridge. I’ll go to the supermarket and get you a bottle.
    Laila: Don’t bother yourself. I’ll drink water then.
    Sara: Okay. Would you like to eat some crisps?
    Laila: Okay. I’ll have some please, thanks.
    Sara: Here you are.

    The future simple with will is used for requests and things that we have just decided to do.

    Dear Samy,
    Here’s my latest news. My father has just got a new job in Kuwait. He is going to work as a doctor there. So, we are going to travel there next week. People tell us that private schools in Kuwait are very expensive, so I am going to join a public school. I am going to stay there until the end of the school year. I hope to see you before travelling.

    The future simple with going to is used to talk about decisions that are already made.
Future simple with going to
  1. Choose the correct verb and rewrite each sentence.

    1. I’ve spoken to Ahmed. We (‘ll / ‘re going to) meet next Friday.

    2. I’m good at biology. I (‘ll / ‘m going to) study medicine.

    3. When Sara grows up, she (will / is going to) start her own business.

    4. We didn’t play well today but we (‘ll / ‘re going to) play better tomorrow.

    5. My family has plans to spend the holiday in Luxor. We (‘ll / ‘re going to) travel there by train.

    6. I (‘ll / ‘m going to) have some coffee, please.

    7. Someone is at the door. I (‘ll / ‘m going to) answer it.

    8. My brother is three years old. He (‘ll / ‘s going to) go to kindergarten next year.

    9. I think I (‘ll/ ‘m going to) visit the Pyramids tomorrow.

    10. Look at the orange sky! There (will / is going to) be a big sand storm!

  2. Underline the mistakes and correct them in the spaces below.

    Hesham: Do you have any plans for tonight?
    Maher: Yes, I go to the airport to meet my uncle. (1)
    Hesham: How long is he go to stay here? (2)
    Maher: He will to stay for a week. His plane arrives at nine o’clock tonight. (3)
    Hesham: Did you ask him to bring you something from abroad?
    Maher: No, but I am sure he gives me a present as soon as he arrives home. (4)
    Hesham: I hope he is enjoying his stay. (5)
    Maher: Thanks.

    1. _________________________________________________________________

    2. _________________________________________________________________

    3. _________________________________________________________________

    4. _________________________________________________________________

    5. _________________________________________________________________

  3. Complete the following using the word in brackets in the correct form.

    Suzy: Do you know that the movie star John Travolta _______________ (visit) Egypt in two days’ time?
    Dalia: Yes, I think _______________________ (visit) Sharm first.
    Suzy: I read in the newspapers that he __________________ (spend) his vacation there.
    Dalia: I believe he ___________________________ (appear) on TV in one of the programs to talk about his work.
    Suzy: Yes, I am sure he _______________________ (have) a lot to say after the success of his last film.
    Dalia: But I am sure he _____________________ (not/stay) all the period in Sharm.
    Suzy: I also read in the newspaper that he _____________________ (visit) the Pyramids before he leaves.
    Dalia: Oh, I hope he __________________________ (visit) them as they are one of the greatest wonders of the world.

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